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Glossary of Terms
Here are some common retrieval of information terms that may come in handy when navigating doctet™:

case - a tracked order for records, identified by a case number

involved party - a participant in any part of the retrieval of information process undertaken to process and close a case

processing service - company who orchestrates the retrieval process and dispatches agents to retrieve and scan records

case manager - an employee of the processing service responsible for the ultimate fulfillment of the retrieval order - follows up with all parties

processing agent - an agent of the processing service responsible for the timely and accurate retrieval and scanning of records

requestor - the involved party requesting the records and paying for their retrieval

facility - the involved location the records are stored at

guardian of records - the individual at the facility who oversees the preparation and dissemination of records

subject - individual for whom the records are for (e.g. the patient)

doctet™ - secure platform that allows all involved parties to communicate efficiently in one place